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Multi-room entertainment

ICAD Developments can offer a complete whole-house entertainment solution which provides stunning quality centralised music and video throughout the home without the clutter of black boxes and wire spaghetti.
Just imagine...

Watching the latest blockbuster in your home cinema... then retiring to the bedroom to catch the finish
Immersing yourself in the news whilst you shower... but through hi-fi quality speakers instead of a tinny radio
Catching-up with the latest tunes in the kitchen... with no stereo to clutter the worktop 
Enjoying your iPod’s™ entire music collection... through virtually invisible ceiling speakers in the dining room.
With Opus’ award winning multi-room entertainment system your dreams can become reality.

ICAD Developments can make your multi-room entertainment system dream a reality. We have sucessfully installed a system in a 20 room Manor House in Staffordshire